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This is a sub-selection from Big Brother is here...

Dallas, TX
reply to buddahbless

Re: Big Brother is here...

said by buddahbless:

said by mmay149q:

said by sandman_1:

You gotta think they (the government) are planning something big on the horizon for us poor chaps not in the loop. Ever notice how many cameras are now up around your town, especially at stoplights?

1. Patriot Act
2. National Defense Authorization Act
3. The Next Generation Identification program (FBI's new national facial recognition program)
4. Using the cell phone companies to belligerently spy on citizens
5. National Emergency Centers Establishment Act
6. Homeland Security

People really need to start paying attention to all of this...

Amen brother, Amen!


+1.. less we not forget

7. You need a US passport to go and come back now to even Canada ( A place we can walk to). Also all passport are now RFID equipped.

Yeah that's true, the sad thing about all of this is that people DON'T pay attention to what is happening, for 1 because mainly the news doesn't report it since they are in bed with the government, and 2 because people really don't have time to come home, cook dinner after an 8 hour + day, clean the house, get the kids from school, etc etc etc, WHILE actually researching this stuff online (I started my research 4 years ago, and find something new at least every day, just to show how much work it is)

What we really need to do is replace the government AND all news companies to report FAIR coverage instead of keeping away from those kinds of subject, Ron Paul said it best, we have our 1st Amendment rights to talk about controversial things, not the weather....

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. -Albert Einstein