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Re: Centurylink charging me for modem not returned after cancel

Something similar happened to me.

I moved and canceled my service with them just over a year ago. I specifically asked the rep I spoke with if I had any other outstanding charges when I paid my final bill. She told me there was nothing and I was good.

2 months afterwards, CenturyLink calls me and tells me I owe them $100 for their modem. Turns out I had leased the modem for TWO years, and was supposed to return it when I canceled. Nevermind the fact that the cheap Actiontec modem gave out after one year. I bought my own modem and used it for the next year, while still leasing the Actiontec modem. About $8 a month to lease a modem, for two years...$192.

Yes, it's my fault I forgot I had been leasing a modem. My fault for not looking at my bill every month(automatic bill pay seems to have its disadvantages...), but considering I did actually pay almost double what they charge for a modem in lease fees, I am not inclined to indulge in CenturyLink's request.


Orlando, FL
I made the mistake of handing my RMA box to a UPS driver as he was about to leave the shipping store. I didn't get the tracking number. Somehow, Centurylink seems to be having trouble keeping track of things once they come in the door.