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Hilo, HI
reply to Dampier

Re: Time Warner Boosting Standard Speed to 15Mbps

I went to Oceanic TWC office late this afternoon to pay my bill. I asked when the upgrade would occur and explained I didn't think I should need to pay the extra $10 for grandfathered Turbo that I have at 15/1 if the push was going to happen in the next few days.

The CSR was completely flummoxed. She is very nice but, just as I expected, she has been told NOTHING about this...not even that it is going to happen. I also asked if current Turbo will either go down by $10 or have the speed raised from 20/2 to 25/2 as the current price of $20 more than Standard is not justifiable when Standard is 15/1. She had no idea about this issue either. So, I will get a call from Oceanic management tomorrow afternoon as they seem to know nothing about this either. I was asked for links to this information which I happily gave. I said go to the front page of

Why can't TWC corporate get its act together? The whole thing with the price raise disguised as modem rental should have been handled better and the divisions and customers should have gotten at LEAST a one month notice (two would be best) before it was to be implemented. Now, this speed upgrade across all divisions, to soothe the upset users and, again, the divisions are not informed and thus the CSRs are also uninformed.

If this upgrade has already been pushed for Orange RR then we probably have it in Hawaii also yet NO ONE in local management, on either side of this island, has the slightest inkling about the upgrade or when it might occur. This is bad management from TWC corporate.
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