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[TWC] CableCARD in Media Center - Unit Address & Device ID??

Picked up a WinTV-DCR-2650 a few weeks ago. TWC chat said I could pick up a CableCARD at a local office. The office told me they had to ship the card but I was able to get the tuning adapter.

Media Center gives me the following:

Call 855-286-1736

CableCARD ID #-###-###-###-###
Host ID #-###-###-###-###
Type: One-way

However, the technical support rep's procedure wants a Unit Address and Data (ID?) as well. Am I missing something?


Fairview, NJ

Never asked for anything other than cablecard and host ID. Try calling back and talk to someone else?


Lexington, KY
reply to rbaevergreen

There's 3 numbers you will need to give to the rep:

1.) CableCARD ID
2.) Host ID
3.) Data ID

They do not need the UnitAddress. I have a Ceton CC tuner and WMC gives me all three numbers. I've never used a Happauge CC tuner, but WMC should be showing the same info as any other tuner.

Just as an FYI -

CableCARD ID - This is the identification number for the CableCARD itself. Similar to a MAC Address for a modem—not to be confused with a hardware address that is shown on the equipment screen. The CableCARD ID is comprised of 13 digits.

Host ID - This is the unique identification number for the television set. This is a bonding number that allows the CableCARD and the television to function together. The CableCARD, once assigned, will only function with the unique television to which it has been assigned (i.e. it is non-transferable to other TV sets). The Host ID consists of 13 digits.

Data ID – This number is sent back to the headend—not only for tracking purposes, but also for pairing purposes and is directly associated with the Cable Card and the TV. The Data ID number is comprised of 11 digits.