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Allen, TX

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reply to eddie12390

Re: Superfast 150/65 service!! err.. no :)

said by eddie12390:

said by buckweet1980:

said by eddie12390:

Just wanted to chime in on this. I am located in Pittsburgh, PA and I am currently subscribed to the "basic" 15/5 service. We were having speeds where we were literally lucky to be downloading at 30 KB/s and the tech said he had no clue what was wrong. Once a night had passed, everything had suddenly returned to normal and we were actually getting slightly faster speeds than normal. They were not able to explain why this had happened.

What area are you in?? Also when did it get corrected? I am in the Mount Troy area just north of downtown..

To reiterate my issue was NOT related to the hurricane.. I was getting major packet loss just to my first hop router days before the hurricane hit.

I live on Spring Garden. We were having pretty much the same issue it seems.

Yeap, next door to me pretty much Chances are you were on the same card as me.