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London, ON
reply to aegyssus

Re: MF668 stays on EDGE/green mode

I took a look around, obviously I don't know if there is a definitive answer. I saw you mentioned the 1.0.2B03 software, I'm assuming you found that at »wwwen.zte.com.cn/endata/mobile/Canada/ , selecting MF668 (Rogers) and downloading the 1-click upgrade tool?

I did some searching and ended up ZTE Denmark site - »wwwen.zte.com.cn/endata/mobile/Denmark/ - The interesting thing is they have 2 models listed - the MF668 and the MF668A - I wonder what the difference is between the two and whether it is the reason why 3G is not working with Rogers / NA market.

You could download the MF668A firmware and give that a shot. I bet the reason why the firmware upgrade didn't work is that the MF668 and MF668A are two different models. Note: I noticed the MF668A firmware tool was compressed with 7-zip, so you will probably need to download a copy of that (it's free).



Re: MF668A stays on EDGE/green mode

Your point is valid: I'll try that firmware.
Sorry for the confusion, I mentioned the name I first saw when I bought the card but the exact model is MF668A. So, no confusion about that... I also changed the title of the thread.

I downloaded BD_ROGERMF668V1.0.2B03 firmware right from the location you pointed first (for Canada) but as I mentioned, it does not work... Not to say that only works on Mac OS.

I'll try the Danish firmware and report back, at least it's PC software... Crossing my fingers.


... and it did not work.

I really do not see why this card would not go upper than EDGE. I have a strong feeling I am heading to nowhere with this device.