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Re: Only if I really, REALLY need a connection

Well when you think of it, how much of what is said on Facebook is indicative of a person needing a good smack in the head from a friend I suppose.

While in a far distant realm, why not leave behind all the routine shit, and focus on why you went, to get away from it all (inluding dumb shit like our online idiocies).

Might even qualify as a variation on a Darwin award. How to ensure you end up suffering examples.

Fortunately my life being what it is (tragic) the fact I can be seen to be posting on Facebook literally at any hour of the day just highlights how entirely unpredictable my schedule really is.


Tuscaloosa, AL
I won't argue with that. My policy is that, when I'm on vacation, especially on a cruise, the cell is turned off and put in the safe, not only because of the prohibitive cost of wireless service (both cellular and wi-fi) on cruise ships, but also because I want to completely unplug from the outside world for a week or so. But I'm amazed and saddened at the number of people still chatting away, seemingly oblivious to the massive bills they're running up.

But, on a larger scale, I simply don't want to broadcast my location and activities to everyone I know. Why should I want to use Facebook or Foursquare to check in at my favorite restaurant? If I had wanted someone to know where I am and possibly join me, I'd have contacted them ahead of time and asked. Likewise, if I'm planning to take a vacation, the folks who I want to know will know, either ahead of time or after I get back.