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Re: Hurricane damage to office, need static IP

Having static IP at your disaster recovery site seems to make sense - even if it is your home.

When you office was destroyed, did it destroy your servers and you had to rebuild them from backups? Or were you able to retrieve the undamaged servers?
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Old Bridge, NJ
Servers were undamaged(Thank the Lord!!!!), the UPS was underwater, but not the servers. I had backups of everything and every sunday I image the "C" operating system drive, so I could have gotten everything back, but glad it didn't come to that.
Now the fun part, the only UPS we could get where dumb ones, so I cant leave my house until we get smart ones(afraid if I lose power to the house and I only have 6 minutes of battery time with loads - if they go down hard they might corrupt). The one from work that went "swimming" was able to email me and I had an hours time to shut everything down. I shut everything down remote after the office lost power using my verizon droid...

Ps - definitely a learning experience of worst case scenario... thought I was pretty protected, but now I know better... funny I have 30 plus works remoting into my basement as we speak from our temp office