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reply to TSI Marc

Re: How Long Till Canada Gets A Copyright Alert System

said by TSI Marc:

...yeah it's a pill for everybody, you and us :\ ...that's for sure.

I think you have it crossed a bit though.. essentially, we would get notice from a court, saying an entity has intention of taking specific IPs to court. If the court orders us to, we can't really say no.. it's the law... so we would then give our customer a notice that we have been asked by the court to give up this information.. and then we would provide the info to the court and that's the extent of our involvement.

and harassment is legal is it. THIS is why i mention that if i am downloading music and then putting them onto levied cdrs that i pay a levy on , that was a previous law and setup how can i be found to be infringing and doing illegal acts and have you harrass me?

Me thinks a charter violation has occurred here....

It would be like having everyone sent a letter your not to cross the street anymore on green lights and we dont care....i pay taxes to gte htose lights and system setup and you are saying then that they pass a law without thinking of consequences WHICH you cannot do under law ( pleading ignorance )

i want all my levy money back as the law as written makes no mention of retro-activity either....
i dont care id rather see the cria have to give it all back.