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Hilton, NY

Sprint Airvana Airave 4 month review/ Rant.

Currently i live in a no sprint or any other wireless provider zone on lake Ontario in Rochester ny, I moved from the populated suburb and didn't want to get rid of my sprint account from the 1995. Sprint let me out of my contract and hooked me up with a femtocell to use if i wished to continue service.

the " cell " was good for about the last three months until recently...

My blackberry bold would constantly drop into 1XRTT mode even while sitting right next to the damn thing and i would have to unplug the cell to reset everything, Calls started breaking up & the most annoying thing was SMS messages. You would send a text. it would go out but never make it to the recipient.. and say 3 people text you during the time period. you would only get one message over and over and over until you unplugged the "cell".

Sprint help forums are pretty much like Mexico. the shitty shanty part of Mexico. No moderation & no help from anyone. i didn't even try to navigate a self fix via the forums for more than 10 minutes. ended up calling cust service and exchanging for a new "cell".

While i the phone with the rep she calmed me by offering an early upgrade without the 36 dollar fee. SOLD. I got the iPhone 4S for free. No complaints. Cell & iPhone are happily in the mail.

Now a week into having the new "cell" and iphone its doing the same BS. iphone constantly drops into 2G after doing anything data intensive, BS texting problems & scrambled Caller ID being passed onto all the phones using the " cell " in my household.

Im usually a sprint advocate but this is changing my mind.

Internet connection is solid. 50/5 package but pulling almost 60/5
"Cell" is encrypted so my neighbors arnt using it
Ruled out interference in my home
Tried the cell on my work T1 Connection in my home. No resolve.
QOS on the "cell" has been turned off and on. No difference.
"cell" has been before the router, after the router. Notta.
Phones have been wiped reinstalled over and over. Poop

It looks like my only option here is to lease some of my land to sprint for a tower and get good service at my home that way...

I know everyone is gonna jump on the sprint hating bandwagon and ask my why i have sprint. but ive never had a problem before this and no one else can beat the price so im not switching, especially since no other service not even Verizon works at my home... well of course besides my handy dandy iridium sat phone.. but that's no iphone LOL.

Thanks for reading my rant!

Alfred, ME
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I have had the Sprint Femtocel and the various versions since it has come out several years ago. Really have 0 issues with it. If it appears to "lock up"..dial your voicemail on your phone. You may notice it takes awhile for the airave call tones to come on and then the call to proceed. For whatever reason, once I do this I can immediately hang up after 1-3 seconds of the phone call and it is good to go again.

I would plug the airave into your router...dont put it before it.

Put the Airave into the DMZ on your router if possible.

Verify VPN pass through is enabled, if your router has those settings.

I do not use the security functions that are enabled / disabled on the sprint website.....not sure if that would cause any issues. Actually, i have read various things over the years that they may not even work anyways. Are you really worried about a few calls here and there in the off chance your neighbor MIGHT have sprint? At the very least it would keep the airaves connection active.
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reply to Keefer21
I’m surprised by your lack of reception. Whenever I'm in Hilton/Parma, I always have decent reception, and when I had wimax phones, I'd pull down decent speeds, in the 8-10Mb range. But that’s more on the Greece side of town and right in the Village by McDonalds and Tops. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the Parkway in that area and I can’t remember what service was like by the lake.

I have poor reception in my area, I got the Airave a few months ago, have no real problems with it. For a few days, a few days ago, I was stuck on 1X, but I’ve been back on EVDO ever since.
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Hilton, NY
reply to swintec

Re: Sprint Airvana Airave 4 month review/ Rant.

Tried it all!!! i think im just hitting the lottery of bad airave's because sniffing around the web reading about various reviews my problems are the same as everyone else's who had a bad unit, as we speak i have a new one coming in the mail so maybe this will be the chain breaker. When my airave is acting up calling the voice mail it wont even finish the three beeps and the call disconnects. Not like a dropped call it hangs up my phone like the call was ended by the other party. its odd to say the least.


Hilton, NY
reply to Happydude32
yeah the Greece side of Hilton and the north ave area aren't bad at all, i always get 4 bars in that area. its manitou beach right at the end that's the dead zone, My iden nextel curve didn't even get a signal and i never ever have found a place before where i had no iden coverage. Verizon will work at my house but almost 9 times out of ten it will first get stuck on roaming across the lake and you can only pull 2G when you get it back onto a native tower. any sprint world phone will also do this at my house on a clear day.


Pennsville, NJ
reply to Keefer21
Its a problem with Blackberry. Somthing about how the phone searches for available channels. They gave me an early upgrade on 2 phones because of the same issue. Some berries work ok but the 8330 and I think 8530? that I owned both have issues connecting to Airaves. Also beware that ALL the new LTE phones have a similar issue that they will soon or have already pushed out an update to correct. It seems my S3 has been ok for several weeks now.

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Morton Grove, IL
reply to Keefer21
That many problem with that many devices?
I wonder if you might be seeing a routing issue with your ISP.
What does a traceroute to look like?


Mesa, AZ
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reply to Keefer21
Sprint is going to send me one of these things.

I was ranting to their tech support about dropped calls, and they had the nerve to tell me that my call quality was "100%" as if no call was ever dropped. During that conversation, the call dropped. She called back, and when asked what that was, she said she didn't know. When confronted about why her system was showing 100%, she started talking about some kind of latency of a day or something and that it might change tomorrow.

Anyways she says she's going to send an airave. I ask how the hell it's supposed to do anything when I'm out of the house, and she rambled about some crap that ultimately went nowhere.

Sprint's people have thrown me so many lines of BS before that it's just stupid. I asked why it costs me when some random person outside of the US sends me a text message, even with no indication that it came from overseas. They gave me this stupid line about how they have to pay for messages to traverse networks that they don't own. I asked what about texts from the other carriers, then she threw me some crap about how they have roaming agreements. So then I asked about GSM carriers, which they have ZERO roaming agreements with. She then tried to throw the roaming thing in my face again, so I had to explain to her the difference between TDMA and CDMA and why they don't work together so there's no roaming. So then she finally says "well it's just a fee we charge" for the privilege of receiving some derps text message.


I hope Sprint dies in a fire or gets hit by a bus. Been with them for 10 years, was happy with them until the last few, and they're really starting to piss me off.