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Re: Help: trls32.net and TCP port 61899

I found that there's a product called Cascade Pilot

Riverbed® Cascade® Pilot software is a robust packet analysis console that enables users to quickly analyze multi-terabyte packet recordings on remote Cascade Shark appliances, Cascade Shark Virtual Edition, and Steelhead® WAN optimization products without having to transfer large packet captures files across the network.

that uses TCP port 61899.

I understand that Cascade Pilot Personal Edition has a client/server architecture but that these two parts must reside on the same system. Which port(s) does the client use and which port(s) does the server use?

The client is not bound to a specific port. The Server uses ports 61898 and 61899, but you can change them to whatever you prefer.

I've never heard of Cascade Pilot but maybe someone (Bob?) is trying to monitor my traffic. It's being blocked but I'd like to identify what is generating it.

BTW I do have and use WireShark but my logs of attempts to trls32.net don't correspond with its usage. That said I have WireShark running now to capture anything sent to TCP port 61899.
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Riverbed products are a hardware compression box for helping transmission of user data. We use steelheads on our network.

I can check with our admin on this protocol?

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