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Teddy Boom
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Toronto, ON

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Re: SMC D3GN Latest Version

I believe the current Rogers version is The version required for Teksavvy (and other TPIA) is The version numbering scheme changed, and I'm guessing that this new 3.1.x.x.x version would be equivalent to in the old numbering scheme (so, the new one is just a few sub revisions newer, not a major step--edit: that didn't stop me from calling it 'way' older a few days ago...).

Only Rogers can push firmwares. Rogers almost never does that for Teksavvy customers. The only two times they did was on SB6120, and those occasions were both for all units in the field en masse. Some people talk about getting Teksavvy to request an upgrade for a single customer's modem, that NEVER happens.

Finally, I have a report from a customer that downgrading from to actually fixed a line stability issue. Seems very strange to me, but that's the information I've got


ArhurWinslo, do you know where is the Rogers admin password (or admin password in general) is stored? Is it part of the firmware, or is it in the certs or config file or something?