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Martinsburg, WV

I'd like a new standalone feedreader

I've tried RSSOwl and Feedreader, can anyone recommend another?

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Westlake, OH
See if this is what you're looking for.



Ada, OH
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Desktop Sidebar
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What do you want in your feed reader? Do you want one that scrolls headlines or one like an email program?

I use a program called Desktop Sidebar. It's an older program, from the XP days but works fine in Win7. It does what I want and sits on your desktop, either in a bar on the side or floating where ever you move it to.

It comes with multiple panes but I removed all of them except the newsfeed. Setup is very easy.

It can be skinned and there are quite a few on the website for it. I've attached a picture of mine, it's on the right side of the screen.

You can set the number of headlines it shows per channel, adding channels in the setup is as simple as cutting and pasting the rss address.

You simply click a headline and your web browser of choice opens up to the page.

I'm just sharing this because I really like it and have been using it for years. Maybe someone here will like it too!