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reply to dnoyeB

Re: [Anveo] Setup OBi 110 for Anveo

This is my OBi110 setup:

Browse to Service Providers -> ITSP Profile B -> General and enable X_SymmetricRTPEnable. 
Also, given that Anveo use DNS SRV, it's nonsensical to explicitly specify their proxy server 
host and port. Under Service Providers -> ITSP Profile B -> SIP, just set ProxyServer to 
<B>"anveo.com",</B> and check Default for everything from ProxyServerPort through OutboundProxyPort. 
<B>Enable</B> "X_DnsSrvAutoPrefix",   "X_ProxyServerRedundancy" 
and  "X_SecondaryRegistration"

Moodifying Stewarts data a bit,

(in ITSP Profile B -> General)

X_SymmetricRTPEnable (Checked)

(in ITSP Profile B -> SIP)

ProxyServer: anveo.com

X_DnsSrvAutoPrefix (checked)
X_ProxyServerRedundancy (checked)
X_SecondaryRegistration (checked)

(in SP2 Service -> SIP Credentials)

AuthUserName: (10 digit Anveo account number)
AuthPassword: (SIP password from Anveo site, different from your login password for Anveo)

EDIT: ***Not sure what "X_UseRefer (checked)" in Stewarts setup does. I do not have that checked on my OBi110. Maybe he can explain further.