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PX Eliezer7
Hutt River

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reply to ConstantineM

Re: [CallCentric] Free DID is still down, still no announcement

said by ConstantineM:

• Website mentions nothing about Free DID being down. (I "forgot" my login; who logins to their web account all the time?)

1) A fellow repeatedly prays to God to help him win the lottery.

God finally answers back, "Give me a break, at least buy a ticket!"

Anyway, for those who do log in:

-Free NY DID Service Alert-

Engineers are aware of issues affecting Free NY DIDs, resulting from Hurricane Sandy flooding of portions of the NY/NJ PSTN infrastructure.

2) From Verizon, our huge POTS company:

Service Emergency for the following states - CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, and VA

The effects of Hurricane Sandy have caused significant damage to Verizon locations and equipment along the East Coast. Many areas have experienced significant flooding due to the hurricane and storm surge. In addition, there are poles and lines down across all Verizon communities affected by this storm. Customers may experience a loss of all services, including FiOS (Voice, Internet and Video), High Speed Internet and Standard Telephone Service. Verizon engineers are currently assessing damage across our East Coast locations. Rest assured that our technicians are working around the clock to restore services as quickly as we can for all customers affected by this storm.

3) From HuffPost:

The water came rushing through the Verizon lobby, crashing against doors, shattering windows and scattering sandbags meant to stop it. Then, it cascaded down the stairs and flooded the underground cable vault, soaking tangled wires that deliver phone and Internet service to customers across the region.

“It was churning like crazy. You can see the line here,” Chris Levendos, Verizon’s executive director of national operations, said Saturday, pointing to a 4-foot-high water mark left on the lobby wall. “It was finding all sorts of ways to get into the building.”

Heavy flooding this week at Verizon’s headquarters in lower Manhattan -- a critical node of its network infrastructure -- has begun to subside, but the company's effort to repair damaged network equipment and restore service to customers after Hurricane Sandy continues.


4) From the Wall Street Journal:

The depth of the challenges facing telecom providers was on display inside Verizon's facilities in lower Manhattan.

Verizon chief technology officer Tony Melone stands amidst efforts to remove water from the company's headquarters in Manhattan.

The company's headquarters—a key communications hub just north of the World Trade Center site at 140 West Street—was in a state of crisis not seen since the 9/11 attacks, which partially destroyed the building.

Mud still covered parts of the ornate lobby. Down below, 3½ floors of the building's five-level basement were still submerged, the brackish water sloshing up the walls of the stairwell.

Verizon employees said Monday night's storm surge was so powerful that it breached the protective plugs that surround cables coming into the building. As a result, water flooded the critical basement "cable vault" that takes in communications cables and directs them to switching gear upstairs, which wasn't damaged. On Wednesday, Verizon employees took a reporter inside the vault, illuminating the huge dark room with flashlights. The cables were still damp, and leaves littered the floor.