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North, VA
reply to leibold

Re: Hopeless or possible? HDTV OTA

said by leibold:

That is almost exactly what I have done (two antennas at 90 degree angle to each other). Ideally those antennas should be spaced 2 * wavelength apart to prevent them from effecting each other in unpredictable ways.

That is usually not a problem for the short wavelength of UHF but the wavelength for VHF band III (VHF-Hi) is up to 1.7 meters (VHF band I or VHF-Lo would be up to 6 meters!).

I solved this by having one antenna on a roof antenna mast while the other antenna is on a chimney mount.

Don't sweat it too much if you can't separate them that far, just know that for best results you maintain some distance between them.

The other advise I read while planning my setup was to keep the length of the antenna cable from each antenna to the splitter/combiner exactly the same length (to keep signals arriving on both antennas in phase).

What are you receiving on VHF? We have one channel that reverted to VHF-13 after the changeover at the request of the station and FCC to avert interference with another station. Otherwise everything is UHF.

Sunnyvale, CA

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said by Jack_in_VA:

What are you receiving on VHF?

KGO (ABC) and KNTV (NBC) are transmitting in VHF band III. Last time I checked there was even a pending application to transmit on channel 6 (VHF band I) but I don't see that any longer.

The furthest away station that I'm receiving is KRCB (73 miles) on UHF. All other stations are half that distance or closer.

Edit: I should probably add that neither of my two antennas has a pre-amp. I do however use a cheap amplified splitter inside the home.
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