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united state
reply to Goldheart

Re: [Classes] Warlock 5.0.1

I'm with you Goldheart, Destro seems much simpler to me as well. I was Destro pre-MOP but when I say the gap in the noxxic stats, I switched over to Aff for MOP. Before long I was switching back and forth between Destro and Aff; I think leveling for me was about the same either way, it was more of a boredom issue with Aff. (plus I like to burn shit)(I love to listen to the sound of the crackle in my head phones as those fire spells heat up). At some point though I was outdoing dps with destro so I never went back to Aff. Now that I'm in the dungeons and raids and there is so much need for AOE, Aff is probably the better choice (though some are holding out for the cataclysm spell in 5.1).

I think if I went Aff for any extended period of time I'd have to switch all my macros over to mouseover macros.

One last thing, one site that I never see mentioned much that I like to use for reference is maxdps.com. It lists out the top 30 or so pieces of gear for each slot and the dps contributed by each. Helps especially when leveling to see whether it is really worth swapping out for that new higher ilvl piece when you just gemmed and enchanted the existing one.