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[AZ] Anonymous Call Rejection - NOT

I have been trying to stop calls from sources who in one form or another have managed to remain anonymous...
This includes all callers who don't provide a valid (callback) phone number.
Cox however doesn't understand the word anonymous...
Anytime I have called them to complain about anonymous callers still getting through, they have the excuse that Anonymous Call Rejection is a free service, and therefor not 100% reliable. They also claim they have no control over the calls running through their own phone systems...
Personally, I don't believe any of that... A company as big as Cox Communications freely allows businesses to troll their phone systems, right, I don't think so... It's a big scam, with Cox subscribers on the losing end...
I don't really expect a useful/professional response from Cox, but calling them still hasn't worked...
Thanks for reading, Richie...
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Phoenix, AZ
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Re: [AZ] Anonymous Call Rejection - NOT

Here are a few options that will probably help reduce the amount of unwanted "repeat callers"

Monitor the incoming phone numbers in phone tools and use selective call forwarding to forward repeat callers to a disconnected phone number. Finding a disconnected number is rather easy, my old phone from several years ago is still disconnected.

Also, place the Disconnected Phone Number Tone twice at the beginning of your voicemail or answering machine.
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Phoenix, AZ
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keep in mind that Anonymous Call Rejectiononly blocks calls that would normaly show up as private or is intentionally blocking there ID. calls that show as unknown, unavailible will not be blocked as the phone system is not getting the caller id info from that callers provider or that caller has named their ID as unknown which alot of collection and bogus companies out there are doing now


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Here's how you solve that problem:

Step 1) Cancel cox's telephone service.
Step 2) Get an android phone.
Step 3) Get an app called call control (there is no iphone equivalent btw, apple forbids call blocking apps)

»play.google.com/store/apps/detai ··· ol&hl=en

Step 4) Profit

Or buy an Obihai and register it with Google Voice. It's paid for itself in the 2 years I've had it. Never ever rings unless its a friend or family calling. VoIP number exchanges have always been great for not getting garbage calls.


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ACRJ only works if the number really, truly is anonymous. If for example a malicious phone user set their first/last name to Unknown Name or Anonymous, the call is technically not anonymous and therefore would not be blocked.

In these cases, after receiving a call, hang up and then immediately pick up the phone and dial *57 to perform a call trace. Once this is complete, call Cox with the date and time that you did the trace and they will be able to locate and block the offending number.

Ocala, FL
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I find Cox's definition of "anonymous" to be so narrow that it makes the future somewhat useless. I see no practical difference to me as an end user if a caller is deliberately blocking their caller ID, or is sending out junk like "Unknown Caller" 000-000-0000 or "Unknown Name." If they don't divulge who they are, they are anonymous.


My point exactly...
But I also include those businesses that deliberately setup their call centers in areas that don't have/use Caller ID...

Thanks Bill.