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San Diego, CA
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Re: Unlimited is not sustainable

said by 88615298:

Anyone that think cell phone companies can offer unlimited 4G data for $30 is both obtuse and naive. That being said at&t should have juts let these unlimited customers finish out their contracts before getting them off unlimited.

Regardless unlimited is not coming back so all the "It's my right to have unlimited data" whiners need to get over it.

I would state for the record that:

- the same thing was said about cellular voice.
- same thing was said about long distance (both cellular and landline).
- same thing was said about email (yes, at one point, people tried to charge for email).
- same thing was said about dialup internet (remember, they charged for dialup minutes at first).

When GTE was charging $1.00/minute, that dwindled real fast. That's one example. But the point is that tiered pricing can't and won't last for something that is as close to a utility as data access is.

If cell companies were smart they'd do what the cable/DSL providers do with the land service - charge based on given speed limiting. People don't balk at that as much as long as the prices make sense.

I pay $30/month for "unlimited" right now with VZW. I would pay $50, no questions asked, for 10 up / 10 down, because that's plenty for a mobile data access tier. My home connection is $100/month and it's 50 down /20 up, so I think my price is more than fair considering how much lower it is.

Create tiers such as

MAX $100
10 / 10 $50
5 / 5 $30
3 / 1 $20
1 / 1 $15

And throttle it at the source. Give people fairly priced choices, and they wouldn't care as much.

Offer a "no data" option that effectively disables all but Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth, for those who simply don't anticipate needing it. Should be completely free since it costs them nothing to block data.

Offer a "pay-per-minute" plan that costs like $5/month and then the 45 cents/minute or whatever above that. I'd be all over that plan.

I guarantee you that a day will come when the idea of "tiered" will be one of those long forgotten things you tell your kids about. Like dialing 10-10-811 before calling long distance, for example. Or pay phones.

And throttle the speed based on the tier selected. That way,