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The Mongoose

Toronto, ON

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reply to technocar2

Re: Cancelled Rogers! Party in here!

said by technocar2:

said by moffa:

Welcome! TekSavvy is miles ahead of Rogers.

Miles ahead my a$$
If it wasn't for my 150/10 from robbers, these two TSI leechers would be having a pretty hard time leeching a 43GB distro; wouldn't you say? lol... I highly doubt these TSI connections are capable of seeding anything remotely close what I'm doing, I should know I had TSI but it just isn't comparable to robbers high end tiers ATM. I pumped out 209GB in 3 days, it would take these two leechers 30 days each to pump that much out. Talk about miles now
I hope teksavvy realizes they really need to offer higher end tiers. I would come back in a heartbeat if they did.

And now you're going to slam into the cap in about 12 hours, with 27 days to go. All this can be yours for just $123/month! Plus modem rental. Plus the freedom and peace of mind that only a Rogers contract can truly provide.

I wouldn't trade TSI for your plan if you paid me $500 up front.


·TekSavvy Cable
iirc i saw in the Rogers forum that technocar2 got 70% off internet

i hate to say it, but even with the full overcharge for exceeding the cap it's still a pretty sweet deal

that's of course, assuming that Rogers gets his discounts right every month

i wish him good luck with that