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reply to TSI Martin

Re: Cancelled Rogers! Party in here!

said by TSI Martin:

Yet that leaves you with a measly 40GB for 27 days of the month & while you will stop doing what you doing to manage your bandwidth usage or Pay an exorbitant amount of money because you go over... these TekSavvy users will continue to use their service like they wanted for the complete month with no worries of how much they use or having to pay extras.

At the end of the day, price/bandwidth/speeds I think TekSavvy has a much better deal.

Just saying! We may be turtles but we still win the race

TSI MARTIN, you're assuming that technocar2 has a standard 150/10 package, which may or may not be true. For all you know, he could have a non standard contract or he's just blowing the max and paying the overage till it hits the overage cap. Either way, you're assuming quite a bit to up-sell your company.

Also, TSI may have good price/cap, but not necessarily speed. Some of us want to pay a little more for 100Mbit+ but since TSI has decided to hang on to its dis-aggregated model, we have to stay with Rogers. So Speedwise, TSI is absolutely pathetic. Rogers and Bell are less pathetic in speeds, but atrocious in usage cap. Meanwhile, our allies across the pond are enjoying 1Gb/1Gb for cheap with no caps.

Turtles and Rabbits, maybe... Although its sad to use geriatric turtles and rabbits as speed demos. This country has yet to hit the renaissance of the information age, so any competition within is just dark age blabbing.



If he wants to pay over $220 dollars for super fast uncapped internet thats fine.

Even for my heavy usage, 28/1mbps is going to be plenty.

P.S Got the modem today!