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reply to ILpt4U

Re: White Sox Park

The baseball field, that's a 20 year deal.

Way to give up on the entire Chicago and St. Louis market. If Sprint doesn't take over the towers and customers simply get shuffled off to regular Sprint service, that's the worst news in this regard. USCC has consistently had the highest rated service in the area (with only VZW coming in close), and this is a major blow to wireless reliability in Chicago. Feels like we're back in the 90s with this, where we get to choose between average, meh, and expensive.

melvin marti

Chicago, IL

Lol bro are u kidding me. I'm in Chicago. Westside to be exact Austin area and sprint has unlimited lte in almost the whole city. U uscc guys should be thrilled u are finally gonna c some 4g with us because u would've never did with us cellular. I get 27mb DL speeds on my sprint Gnex another thing USC doesn't have might I add