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Johnson City, TN
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Re: Suddenly gobbling up data

I noticed this on my home network, and since I have a custom firmware on my router it was easy for me to track it down. The problem was an infection that replaced svchost.exe on a machine with one that was constantly accessing the internet. The machine in question had used 125GB of bandwidth from Nov 1 - Nov 5. Microsoft security essentials didn't pick up the infection. Malwarebytes did, but was unable to remove it. We ended up reloading Windows on the machine since that was easiest.

My suggestion would be to thoroughly scan your machines for infections. If you want to narrow it down, unplug all the computers and start by adding one to the network, monitoring the bandwidth usage, and keep doing that until you find the bad one. Something like DUmeter on each machine might work but it may not catch traffic generated by malicious services.
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Well, I fired up Wireshark, and there's no unusual activity between any of my LAN devices and the modem. I'm going to shut off the modem overnight and see if Comcast keeps counting up my usage...

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When you check the usage meter on the Comcast web site, do you see more than one modem listed, and is the modem's MAC address the same as the MAC address shown on the Comcast web site?
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