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Onondaga, MI
reply to Aranarth

Re: [DSL] drop outs, connection interupted....multiple service c

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said by Aranarth:

I would move the modem as close to the NID as previously suggested.
You are still getting fec errors which still shows some noise on the line.

Hopefully getting closer to the nid will help solve the final issue.
(I'm hoping the final noise is coming from inside your house.)

I moved the modem outside next to the network box and plugged it directly into the box, then left it for 8 hours. Only one port on the modem was used to connect the garage system to the modem. Screenshots are as above....DSL stats are for the 8 hour time frame. Still appear to be getting FEC errors....right at the box.

North Tonawanda, NY
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That many FEC errors during that time is insignificant. If they're increasing at a steady rate or look at something like this:

... then you have problems. That isn't problematic. If the dropouts are still occurring, which they are, have Frontier check their equipment out for any alarms or failures. Something could be bouncing or having issues. It may be with the line card, or it may be with the DSLAM itself, or something further. PPPoE connectivity should not drop, and you should not have a sudden slow-down. ATM Statistics should be displayed by the modem if you want to try to get a copy of those. Under Advanced System Monitoring there should be an ATM Section or monitor that you can view statistics there. If you could provide those during a time when the modem is running good, and when it's running bad, that'd be appreciated.