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Morganton, NC
reply to Gigabyte2004

Re: Cat5/Cat6...... Phone/DSL install

Ok guys,here's the update.

I spent the last 45 mins with the ATT guy explaining to him about what I wanted and the issues with the NID wiring. He agreed that the wiring was WRONG. REALLY!

He said the problem is ATT keeps sending out a repair TECH(which he was,it was actually a good thing,I'll explain in a minute) and not a service tech who has the correct NID and the DSL splitter on his truck.I actually watched him schedule an appointment for tomorrow morning for the guy to put in a new NID and splitter and to replace my wire.Wasn't expecting the wire part.Don't know which wire though.

Now back to it being a good thing they sent him.He told me that I was getting line errors on my line due to a bad splice. He said that the line is on a bridge tap that goes absolutely nowhere taking my bandwidth.Good to know that I'm paying for DSL that feeds into nowhere.Hmmm,wonder why the others didn't notice or mention this. That would explain why my speeds jump all over the place I guess. I guess that would explain the noise on my lines at times.

He also mentioned that most new Uverse customer get a new NID installed without even requesting it. I guess I wasn't part of that most group.

Anyways,we will see what happens while I am at work tomorrow.Would be nice if he shows up before I have to leave for work.

Milford, NH
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said by Gigabyte2004:

Anyways,we will see what happens while I am at work tomorrow.

Sounds like you are making progress.

Bridged taps are very common. The circuit going down the road that your drop is tapped off of may continue thousands of feet. The extra conductor length has minimal effect on voice but represents extra circuit length and causes reflections on DSL. Normally bridged taps are not removed on residential service due to the cost of a truck roll. Nice you are getting that done as well as a new NID and splitter.

Let us know how things turn out tomorrow.

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