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Oklahoma City, OK
reply to jig

Re: [FireFox] firefox 16 and youtube

Video plays fine here with FF 16.0.2, ABP, Flash 11.4.402.287 running in protected mode in Win 7 Pro 64bit. It is playing the video in HTML5 as I am in the HTML5 trial which you can turn on or off here: »www.youtube.com/html5

When it's playing the video in HTML5 mode it's not even using Flash to play it so that's something you might check.


Hacienda Heights, CA

that might be it. i'll try when i have access to that comp tomorrow.

new strange thing at home on my winxp ff16.0.2 (all my ff installs are on 16.0.2, i just shorthand to 16). on google image search, none of the images expand when i mouse over them. works fine in chrome on that computer (and works fine at work).

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