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North, VA

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Re: Hopeless or possible? HDTV OTA

said by ke4pym:

said by Jack_in_VA:

said by ke4pym:

@Jack - Water and land have very different signal propagation characteristics - the two really can't be compared.

Thanks but I didn't ask for a critique of my statement. I was just clarifying how I am presently using my setup which is only backup as I use Directv for my primary source. I know the performance very well is different land vs water.

The Channel Master CM4228 coupled with the Channel Master RM7777 RF Amp is a great combo. Good quality amps don't overload the tuners so that is a non-issue using a good amp and quality receiver.

Then you really shouldn't have brought the two up as they're irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

An amp's quality, while important, isn't the case here. If it amplifies a strong (read: local) signal too much, you're going to overload the front end of the receiver. While there are amps that have gain control, I don't know of any preamp based systems that offer AGC (that wouldn't compete with the tuner's own AGC circuit).

And just because you may have a quality display, it doesn't always mean its going to have a quality receiver on board. Which, again, if presented with too much signal (IE trying to amplify local signals) will overload. This is true for any receiver. Not just TV.

If the station's xmitter is indeed on a 3000 foot mountain, with say even a small 100' tower, I doubt a 30' tree is going to present much of an issue. Unless, it's like, 100' wide or something.

Did I say I had a quality display with a quality tuner? I don't think so. The quality of my receiver/tuner is irrelevant. I haven't seen receivers overload on strong signals in maybe 40 years. I don't think the OP has to worry about that unless it actually happens to him. If it does it's easy to address.