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North, VA

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Re: Hopeless or possible? HDTV OTA

said by alkizmo:

said by leibold:

While I don't advocate cutting down the tree I do agree on avoiding the tree in the straight line between antenna and transmitter. Consider a different location for the antenna mast or using a taller one.

To go above the tree,I'd have to go a good 70 feet up.

HOWEVER, if I move the antenna away from the originally planned location, and put it over my garage, I could avoid the tree from the LOS. I'd go down to 10-15 feet elevation, but I guess losing 15 feet is better than having a tree in the way.

Jack_in_VA, that amp.... too TOO expensive, woah

Not only that it comes from the UK and the exchange rate impacts it.

In my CB years one of the station engineers was a friend of ours put a CB antenna (Big Stick) 900 ft up their 1140 ft tower. 900 ft because we bought a 1000 ft reel of coax and needed 100 ft to get from the tower to transmitter bldg. As the old CBers used to say we could "Blow Smoke".

That said sometimes height is not the answer to good reception. In the early days of TV one of my neighbors worked for an appliance store (Wards TV) single store parent of Circuit City. He had an antenna mounted on a trailer with a crank-up tower. He would come to the home and crank the antenna up and down until the "sweet" spot was found. That's the height he would install the antenna.

At first we only had one station that carried all three networks then 3 stations that were not close together. They sold a "Richmond" special which consisted of 3 separate antennas for those who didn't want to invest in a rotator. One for channel 6, Channel 8 and channel 12. Each was mounted on a single mast with proper vertical spacing and aimed at the correct tower.

Here even with Directv they did not broadcast our locals in HD so the only way was to put up an antenna. For several years we experimented with the help of the station engineer from a LINTV station. It was very interesting and a lot of us including the stations learned a lot. Even now the PQ with the Antenna is a little better than that on Directv but I think my DVR is screwing up my main tv because my tv in the bedroom has much better PQ.

I look at 47 miles to the Hampton Roads stations and the Richmond stations are about 65 miles. Can only get Richmond with the leaves off the trees.