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Downers Grove, IL
reply to kem09030

Re: what in the hell

It's a catch 22. Sprint has signal everywhere north of 80, but you can't use it. South of 80 it's absolutely wonderful because there's no customers.

Sprint's network is going to be an RF engineering nightmare for another 5 years while they decom iDEN, deploy 800 voice then 800 LTE.

I wish my BlackBerry easily shows me which band I am using because I would bet that I rarely use 800Mhz in the Chicago Metro area. All the towers are spaced for 1900 around here because of capacity and 800 propagates so well it causes issues... AT&T pulled 800Mhz from all indoor DAS deployments because it was screwing with the outside so badly. They've got a handle on it now, but I would bet that 800 on Sprint becomes dedicated to either voice or LTE over time. Who knows what they'll do in the rural areas. They don't have enough 800 to exclusively deploy voice and date. I can't remember exactly how much they have, but isn't only 5Mhz? I'm searching on the FCC site and it's so slow.

Anyways, I have no idea why a company would sell it's customers and spectrum, and keep the useless equipment. I know they partnered with king street, but they don't even have licenses in Chicago for LTE.

Do you ever get the feeling like you're retarded and everyone else is just playing along? Because that sure is what the wireless industry is acting like these days.