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reply to Melissa2009B

Re: [Connectivity] Trying to use PhonePower on Comcast HSI - not

said by Melissa2009B:

Guess we're gonna have to send back the PhonePower box and get Comcast Voice, so it's supported.

That should at least eliminate the multi-vendor finger pointing, and since Comcast is trying to present itself as the new "phone company", in most areas they do tend to give priority to CDV problems. Also, since Comcast delivers their VoIP service over a different channel that is not used for Internet access, they do have the ability to tightly control things all the way from your local connection to where they hand over the signal to whatever CLEC handles their PSTN interface in your area.

I hope that you don't have a hefty ETF clause in your new PhonePower contract. Also remember that if you are planning to port the telephone number, don't terminate the PhonePower service until after Comcast notifies you that the number port is officially complete.
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I purposely signed up with PhonePower without contract, and paid more a month, to try it. And we don't care about the number, we just got it and have an 800 number for the business anyway, with simultaneous ring to the home and cell.