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[Express] ottawa outage?

Is anyone in Ottawa suffering an outage? I've been out since Monday night, and can't get a technician in til Saturday. My internet and phone are down, but cable seems alright. My modem's send light keeps flashing, and online light is just off.


Nepean, ON
Out for me too. Seems to come on intermittently, but down 90% of the time. Started Fri night. Swapped modems (as per tech's advice over the phone) and no dice. Can't get a tech till Wed. Surprised more people are not affected. I'm in Nepean.

Nepean, ON
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No issues where I am in Nepean.

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In Nepean here.... apparently it was slow all day yesterday, and the internet just went out around 3:00 PM

Called Rogers: they said there was testing going on in the neighborhood. They could see my modem ranging, but not getting connecting. I know the liness are good, cause I also have a Teksavvy modem on the same line (all signal strengths are within spec). Tech was out last week to set up the Teksavvy modem and had to run a new line from the roadside box to meet specs.

Rogers also suggested a possible modem change, but I'm betting it will be back by tomorrow.

Looks like they've finally fixed the DCs...haven't had one in 2 days
I'm in downtown so dunno about nepean.
Now all they gotta do is up the caps and I'm a happy man


Nepean, ON
I'm back online since last night. Looks like they fixed the problem, wherever it was.

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I'm having issues here in northern Ottawa. It seems to happen each year around this time as the ground freezes until around early May next year.


Ottawa, ON
reply to anon1212
In west Ottawa I've been having some weird problems since Thursday night, and since last night I'm only getting an inconsistent trickle of bandwidth (like 1Mbps down on Extreme Plus). Ping seems ok but both and the Rogers speedtest choke part way through the test. After the 2nd support call Rogers acknowledges a problem in the area but says it could take 48hrs to fix.