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reply to ILpt4U

Re: [Chicago] Upgrading internet speed?

said by chgo_man99:

Just because a VRAD is half block from your house, it doesn't mean it serves your house. You could served by another box that is way farther from you.

You're not saying what issues do you have with the internet. You're saying its too slow? If the best you can get is 1.5 mb, and 3.0 is not available, many sites will load slow. And since its your only available speed, you are most likely on old DSL, not U-verse.

You may have to switch to cable or a wireless regional operator.

I'm aware of that, but I'm confidant that this particular VRAD services my neighborhood. I could be wrong as well. What I mean by slow is I'm supposed to be getting 1-1.5MB on a 1.5MB connection, but the highest I'm able to get is .6MB down. I don't know what the issue is as all the jacks and wiring in my house is new. I'm guessing that the noise on the line is getting to be too much as I'm like 11000 feet from the CO. I most likely have Uverse branded DSL, which I was fine with, but this drop in speed has me unsatisfied.

I have already considered getting Clear or Comcast, but I'm not trying to switch from AT&T at the moment.

said by ILpt4U:

What modem model do you (OP) have?


Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse

Can you or any of your direct neighbors (to the left, right, "back to back", across the steet, etc) order U-Verse TV services?

NVG510 means right now you have U-Verse IPDSLAM ADSL2+, which is typically CO-based. There are some VRADs out there that do have ADSL2+ cards in them, but they are few and far between

If you can order U-Verse TV service, that means that U-Verse VDSL2 is available, in which case faster internet would be as well