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[Other] advice on dealing with charter....2 year agreement up so

advice and a simple question, My mother has said that when the 2 year lock in price is up we will have to pay a bill that is 100 dollars more then our monthly bill then and only then do we get to lock in a new price.....

she's said this off and on for a while but about a year ago had a stroke, after a long time in hospital/nursing home she's been back home for some time and she still now with more repetition mentions the large bill we will be faced with after our 2 year lock in expires.

taking care of a post stroke single mother has turned her only child's head into mush when it comes to charter so I know there's all sorts of ways I can figure this out myself but maybe someone can just help and not reply about searching for info myself.

I see on there website and even tv ad's about no cable modem rental with 12 month lock in....also we seem to be paying a stupidly high price for the internet compared to any advertised special. I can't remember if charter has always been charter, I know it's been that since the 90's sometime, we were one of the first house's in town to get cable internet when it came in(replacing rf + modem upload combo) so was a seriously early adopter, and there node that sticks up from the ground.....it's in our yard for our culdesac(not to mention the office is about half a mile walk from the back of my house), the closeness to them made being 1st to get cable internet as they rolled it out by so many ft radius at a time.

without needing any premium channels, just the hd channels and such and internet, not the fastest, just the one that comes with the 250 cap.....and the kicker, no phone through them since we have to have and do have a land line from century link for a life alert unit. we can't and don't need a landline phone so have no use for a bundle that includes there phone service

so it seems like being a long time customer(since 88, maybe 1987 even), adding cable internet since i think 96 give or take a year. and moxi box as soon as that was available and one of there dvr units around 2006 with all extra costs associated with each little thing and my mother being fully disabled and a senior citizen it seems that they should want to keep us as a customer and help out...anything is possible, but i have no idea where to start.

and my mom who will be with me is going to repeat what she has stuck in her head about how she was told some stupid amount when the contract runs out.....

because after there caps they put on me(soul crushing caps), if they charged a ton more for anything i'd get service somewhere else.

so if someone could just point me in the right direction as far as info for my situation or any info needed from me...

thank you


The Dalles, OR

Re: [Other] advice on dealing with charter....2 year agreement u

This may (and likely does) vary from area to area, but the best help I've received in situations dealing with contracts expiring and making sure my bill doesn't skyrocket afterward has been from going into the local office and talking to them. They've always been helpful in getting packages sorted out, and in the cases where there was no way to avoid the bill going up without dropping services, the increase has been minimal ($5 or so, which is a drop in the bucket considering my total bill is close to $140). Find your local office and try paying them a visit - if they're anywhere near as helpful as they are here, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Or, if your local office has the same type morons working there as my local office does (they don't know the difference between a Docsis 2 and Docsis 3 modem when the sticker is on it even) try copying and pasting what you posted here in the Direct forum, which is here »/forum/char ··· erdirect

Those folks can definitely get things done!!

As far as deals though, Charter's current business practice, which is totally ignorant, has been to NOT give deals!!
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Newtown, CT
reply to structuredav
Charter seems pretty hard nosed about their prices. We were customers for about 20 years also, first with just TV, then added internet about 2001.

We were on a 2 year contract that expired today. I had tried the local office but they said to contact Charter on-line for a better price. I tried that and got the standard rate, no deals. So, I tried Charter Direct - same thing, standard rate. Our 2 year rate was $114.81 and was to go to $147.04 as of today.

So, we switched to Uverse where we upgraded the number of TV channels considerably but lowered the internet from 15/3 to 12/1.5 at a monthly total of $110. There was some difficulty with our assigned link through the local VRAD which took a couple days for ATT to get straight. Their tech was very helpful and worked with their tier 2 support to correct the problem.

Internet seems about the same, Vonage phone works better(clearer audio), TV has more channels, DVR is easier to use. So far we're happy -- time will tell if it was a good move but the cost difference made it hard to resist. We weren't unhappy with Charter's service, just the cost.


Houghton Lake, MI
reply to structuredav
You did not state what you are paying and what packages you have. You may find that the increase for your packages is not as bad as the list prices look on the current bill. The bill you get shows all those savings to make you think you are getting a great deal, but no one in there right mind would keep the services at those list prices.

That is why they now have a new pricing that is much lower then those old list prices.

BUT like Balplanman pointed out, you may be able to find a better deal by leaving Charter.
Charter may find this happening more these days, i see someone is running new fiber cables down the main drag here in my town and that just might mean i will have a choice next year.

Collinsville, IL
reply to Balplanman
Might as well stay with Charter, it won't be long till ATT takes down the copper and takes it to the local recycling center .....

Charter might be hoping for that, but it ain't gunna happen.

Tom Rutledge MUST realize that you cannot soak long time loyal customers "just because"....

The churn is just beginning.

BTW I am NO fan of ATT either.