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Hilo, HI
reply to Thinkdiff

Re: Time Warner Boosting Standard Speed to 15Mbps

Thanks for the link to the larger OOL test. I only have 15/1 but I am doing that test now. I like that it takes much longer so I can better see if there are problems.

This afternoon the regular OOL test started out at 1.2MB/sec. It gradually rose to 1.7MB/sec which is about what it should be the whole time. It got to about 40% and stopped. Several minutes went by and then it started up again but quickly dropped to 84KB/sec. UGH. Stayed there until about 70% done, then it gradually got up to 410KB/sec and stayed there until the end of the download.

Well, this is interesting. The larger test was steady from the very beginning at 1.7MB/sec until it got to about 40% where it stopped. Started again after a minute and quickly dropped download speed to about 85KB/sec at which time the connection was lost and I got an error message. It is 11:50PM here so my problems have nothing to do with prime time usage.

The last time I had a problem like this, this summer, it was like pulling teeth to get Oceanic TWC to fix it but when I finally got a very experienced tech out here (about the third tech the sent) whom I have known for years (before Road Runner existed and he just did TV). He took one look and "I would be furious also if this was happening to me". He notified the person who works on the node and it got fixed in two days. Now I have the problem again for over two months now and I can't get Oceanic to fix it.

The problem I have is very accurately reflected in the analysis that Visualware does. I showed several analyses from different Visualware servers to the tech this summer. He grasped the significance immediately...but the techs sent before him did not and this time no tech has displayed any understanding of the problem. In the fact the last one (sub contractor) called me and said he wanted to come out and show me how to do a speed took all my control to not bite his head off. He wouldn't come out for anything other than to show me how to do a speed test because said his understanding was that I didn't know how to do one.
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