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Re: Gen 4 problems with OSX Mountain Lion

I am an Apple user. I also use Mountain Lion. I am having no issues. I got 18MB down this morning on Mountain Lion. IOS is the same. A lot of people are having this issue I see though.

Before I got Gen4 installed I thought it would not work with my Mountain Lion from what I had read so I actually went out and purchased Windows to use Hughes Net with on the laptop. I ended up not needing it.

I would try it, the person interested. See what happens. If you do get the slow down, there is a terminal code to correct it. Which takes like one second to do.

Other people have been saying it works with their IOS devices but only at 6MB. that's not the case with my IOS devices. But, 6MB is plenty good enough for those devices for most people. Much better than the old hughes net or using an air card in my case.


FYI - hughesnet123 describes the terminal fix here:

»Re: Review! New Gen 4 user/Mac OSX/IOS

As it pertains to my MacBook Pro, the fix seems to have helped somewhat but does not provide the speed which Hughes advertised (does not come close) and does nothing to address a different issue with wireless - connections which drop or cannot establish in the first place.