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Re: I don't think Hughes Gen/4 works with Apple devices

Read my Gen 4 review I posted for more details.

I personally haven't had any issues. I have IOS 6 and Mountain Lion but it seems some are having issues with Mountain Lion, but not any other OSX. And with Mountain Lion the terminal code that fixes the problem takes about 2 seconds of your time but a lot of people aren't doing it because they either don't know how, or don't want to take the time to google it and see how to do it.

IOS at 6MB sounds great to me. lol I get 20MB down a lot of times. I pay for 15. Busy times I get 11MB down.

I am used to only having an air card. So even if my IOS devices were going at 6MB I'd still think that was amazing and wouldn't even consider going back to an air card or getting old hughes net.

If you have other alternatives, such as cable I'd go for it! But if you have no choice but air cards or hughes net, 6mb wouldn't be reason enough to cancel. At least not for me.

Keep in mind 6MB is faster than you might realize. Most website's can't load but at a certain speed. Realistically if you load up most websites on a 6mb connection and on a 16 mb connection you won't really be able to tell the difference. The download's you can, but it's still pretty quick at 6mb.

Some people have said they have to load the websites over and over on IOS. I have not had that issue either. That one would be annoying though.

I do understand paying for 15 and only getting 6 and feeling like you aren't getting what you pay for, but at the same time, if you are like most of us and can only get satellite internet what is the alternative? I can't think of anything on IOS that I would possibly even need more than 6Mb on. lol 6mb will stream any HD movie even.