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Carpentersville, IL
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Re: [FireFox] Redesigning browser bookmarking

While I am also happy with the current format / layout of "Bookmarks" in the Firefox/Waterfox browser, it is interesting to see how other people use them.

For example, having the ability to put your bookmark somewhere that you could access directly from your browser, no matter where you are or what device is a cool idea. Personally, that's something I would never use, as I only own a desktop. However, for someone who has a desktop/laptop in their home, a smartphone, and a tablet, all running the same browser type (Firefox on all) would be cool.

Then, if you were out and about, and bookmarked something on your tablet, you could then come home, open your browser on your desktop, and see that bookmark that you saved while you were out using your tablet. If it could happen without much setup / configuration by the end user, that could be very cool.

Ideally, if your "bookmark" drop down in Firefox could change on the fly in real time with the bookmark list on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even multiple desktops, that would be a cool thing indeed.

I know when I was working, I would find some cool link while surfing the web at lunch in the office. To "save" that for later use to read more at home, I would have to e-mail the bookmark to myself. This idea would eliminate the need to "email" links to myself.

--Brian Plencner

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Seamonkey's back
Irving, TX
Opera has that.

Actually, Firefox does too. Firefox Sync is very similar to Opera Link. Not sure it works real time.
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