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reply to n_w95482

Re: Need Help Upgrading Son's Computer

said by n_w95482:

said by Krisnatharok:

That said, the Radeon 6670 is a good alternative to the GT 640--its max TDP is 58w.

Using this chart as a baseline (and I'd imagine Portal 2 isn't too different from L4D2), it looks like the 640 would be the better choice of the two, and a 7750 even better. Either should work fine though, 1366x768 won't stress them much.

It is, but L4D2 is less demanding to run than Portal 2, and at a lower resolution, so the headroom may be wasted. That said, the 640 will perform better if he decides to pick up other games as well.

The Radeon 7750's TDP is ~43w (some places say 55w), so he should be good even if he goes with that card as well.
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