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Idledale, CO
reply to goalieskates

Re: [FireFox] Redesigning browser bookmarking

said by goalieskates:

said by chrisretusn:

I like my bookmarks. I have many folders, many bookmarks. While it is interesting, Dropzilla is not something I would want to replace bookmarks. Maybe as an addition, but not replacement.


If people are happy with what they have, how is this an improvement? A lot of us are heavily invested in our bookmarks. We've carried some for years and use them daily.

I agree. If some don't like the new system, I for one won't use it. I'll find another way around.

If someone comes out with a browser that has nothing but bookmarks, some of FX addons for security and privacy and tabs with no other junk I have to tweak to my liking, I'd switch instantly.