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Pearland, TX
reply to littlesnub

Re: [Availability] Previous owners had dsl I can't get it going

said by littlesnub:

I didn't want to live in Chattanooga . My husband commuted 62 miles 1 way for 20 years and I was not going to have him commute to Cleveland. Plus for me, Chattanooga is nice, I don't want to live there. We did "do our homework "before we moved and was told that they had dsl. I don't appreciate you acting like I am an idiot. I also don't have a mortgage. Bought the house cash. Coming from NJ I have never heard of port availability. Maybe it's common in the state of Tennessee. I lived with dial up for 8 years in my New Jersey home since it was in a rural area till we got cable internet. And yes, it was a corporate relocation.

I meant no disrespect..I was trying to point out that there were other options. People here will tell you here things that you might or might now want to hear. They could have helped you also before you actually bought the house.

So who told you that dsl was available before you bought the house? If your realtor did, then he / she was really trying to sell the house quickly.

Port availability for dsl is a total evil compared to your cable back in NJ. Isn't Comcast available there? I'd give them a call...»www.comcast.com/corporate/shop/p ··· and.html