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In Memory of Guinness 03-30-07
Eatontown, NJ
reply to dutchtender

Re: Would like some advise on a new wireless router.

said by dutchtender:

they are throwing out those routers for a reason. they don't keep up anymore. and you have fios and you are going to put a G router on it? that's penny wise and pound foolish. I got a nice N router from the linksys website for $20. you can get a better one for $50. I bought an e3000 refurb for $45. It was top of the line 2 years ago. every refurb I ever got worked fine.

Perhaps it is penny wise and pound foolish, but my G router was working just fine until recently. So if the G router that the person from here was kind enough to send me for free works fine then I have no problems using it until I have the money to purchase an N router. While you may think that just getting a refurb N router for $20 is not a lot of money, please keep in mind that my only source of income right now is welfare until I am able to win my SSI disability case. I get only a small amount of money that I have to use to pay for more important things like medical bills that are not covered by Medicaid or Charity care, living expenses, and the like. Do to a terminal illness I can no longer work. So it may seem I'm being a pound foolish, but I have to keep my priorities in line. Please don't take this statement the wrong way, but if $20.00 is not too much money for you, perhaps you would be kind enough to send one to me out of your kindness as the gentleman did that sent me the G router? I would be then able to pay it forward and donate the G router he sent me to someone else who may need one but can not afford it?

Please do not take that last statement as sarcastic or anything, I just would like you to understand why I can not at this time put out the money for an N router which is what ultimately I would like to put in place of my failing G router. I hope you understand.

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