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reply to donoreo

Re: Dirty Hotel Rooms

said by donoreo:

The sheets are washed, but the comforters are not. Maybe they should be washed after each guest too.

Or at least a use a comforter cover that is changed after each guest. If they change the pillow cases, change the comforter cover as well.

I've taken to carrying alcohol wipes with me and I usually wipe down the toilet, the light switch near the door, the phone and the remote. I'll add the tap to the list -- I hadn't thought of that one. I'm not a germaphobe by any stretch, but if I'm staying in a room that thousands of people have before me, I'd rather not pick up an unwanted gift from them if I can avoid it.
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Hi there
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I usually just take the comforter out every time because of this. If it's winter and it gets cold, I just bring extra clothes. Didn't think the faucet was that bad, though. I figured they'd spray it with some anti-bacterial.