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reply to The Mongoose

Re: [Cable] 2 month daily issue resolved, it's an "upgrade&

Thanks for the reply. I am going to swap the modem because he lives a block away from me and has no issues at all and it is also a different account the modem is registered/configured on. I'm not an expert on how all this actually works. I was thinking it is due to how my account is configured in some way on Rogers end. Again I could be wrong but it is the absolute last thing I can do on my end within reason.

I'm done with tickets to Rogers, as said it has been 2 months and I've went through at least several tickets. So far the results of the tickets have been, no issue, no issue, no issue, and finally "we are doing upgrades in the area." I've even spoken to a senior tech at Teksavvy.

Edit: BTW is the DSL of Teksavvy still throttled by Bell? I know I have to word this very carefully.

TSI Martin
Chatham, ON
said by CYYZ:

BTW is the DSL of Teksavvy still throttled?

No it is not.