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Upland, CA

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Re: Whats a Cheap Wireless Router w/ Cable Modem - Time Warner?

said by koolx:

hi mathfaster.. i called TWC and they said that the SB5101U is compatiable with them. i'll look into possibly buying it off ebay. but if its ok with you, can you look at the link below that shows a list of wireless cable modems that are compatible with TWC? can you please tell me which are the cheapest ones? i'd greatly appreciate it.. thanks!!!


Nice list of modems and routers w/modems but not what is approved for purchase by TWC. What do you have now? Just buy that if it is a router w/cable modem and you are currently a TWC customer and hope TWC will provision that router w/cable modem. Your risk. You should read some of the other threads that talk about buying your own modem for TWC and the threads that talk about the upcoming/current fees for leasing a TWC modem or router w/cable modem. Lot of helpful information in those threads. You are also going to need to be able to setup your wireless network if you buy your own wireless modem w/cable modem.

BTW, a router is not a cable modem and a cable modem is not a router so you cannot just buy a SB5101U which is solely a cable modem and does not have router functionality. In simplistic terms, a router routes and a cable modem modulates/demodulates(hence, mo(dem) for short). They are not interchangeable. Both have different functions. The SBG901 and SBG6580 are the only APPROVED devices that have both router and cable modem functionality combined into one device. The router in both provides wireless connectivity.