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Re: Need advice an affordable voiceover mac-based setup

This is great. Thanks so much for all the resources.

I would love to convert a closet to a studio but where I currently live has only one closet and it's teeny, tiny. In fact, I had to buy an armoire to store most of my clothes. I hope to be moving eventually to someplace that has more closets. I want to be able to start recording vo's as soon as possible and not have to wait till I move to a larger place and have more money to build a more sophisticated studio so it looks like I will have to set it up at my desk for now. If you can recommend a foam box that does a decent job of blocking unwanted noise, that'd be great. My biggest concern is noise that might seep in from household appliances. I have a loud refrigerator in addition to the imac's fan.

Thanks again for this! I'm a complete novice and am totally on my own so your post is definitely valuable information for m.e