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Re: Old space game

Damn we got some old gamers on these forums I completely spaced the revolution of the "pin ball" machine. So you guys that have been around sense the text game's and pinball machine fads started. What do you think about the industry and were it came from and were it seems to be going?

When was/is the golden age of gaming?

Irmo, SC
I don't think it's really hit it yet...I don't think there has been a decline enough to look back and say that the games that are out now are worse than before...as technology has progressed, so has the industry.

I mean, I had amazing times playing my Atari 2600, NES, SNES, then onto my PC with Zork (et al), BBS Door games, Bards Tale, Kings Quest (or anything by Sierra), Single player adventure / RPG's of all kinds, and then into MMO's, etc...and that is just one niche.

Not even mentioning logic, puzzle, war, racing, turn based strat, and on and on...there is just so much that has come to be and is continuing to evolve that I don't know if we'll see a down turn in gaming any time soon, imo....is some of it crap, sure, but that is true back then, too.

It's those amazing titles that take whatever genre they're in to the next level that really keeps it going and keeps players involved.

Not to use an obvious choice, but look at Skyrim...I mean, that game just set the bar ahead for almost everything out there, and it will take some time before the 'standard' games even begin to compare at that level (if they ever do).

I think with tech, innovation and geeky gamers who become programmers, we should see the industry continue to thrive for quite some time. (I hope!)
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Imperial, MO
reply to Deo85
said by Deo85:

When was/is the golden age of gaming?

The early 80s. Gaming was new and exciting. Every mall had an arcade and every time you went in, there was something new to play. Home gaming machines were in their infancy but those that had an atari or intellivision had a constant stream of friends coming over to play. Every little tech innovation made people marvel.

Games are certainly better now, with huge development budgets and much better tech, but there is a lot of retread material out there. The feeling of seeing something you haven't seen before is really difficult to come by these days.
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reply to Deo85
said by Deo85:

When was/is the golden age of gaming?

I really feel it was the late 70's to mid 80's, when society was discovering gaming for the first time in arcades, then having them in their homes in the form of Atari 2600's, home computers and NES's.

I sit down and say 'wow' at the lush graphics I see in some of these games today, but I don't get the same high I had the first time I saw Pac Man on my home TV seemingly perfect on my Atari 800XL or the movie-like experience of Karateka or exploring Ultima 1 in '82... then a few years later Super Mario Brothers, Bionic Commando, Excite Bike, wow...

Since then we've had some serious technological changes that brought us from a couple pixelated lines representing a horizon to lush, realistic graphics; but that excitement isn't as continual now as it once was. I walk into an arcade in Japan and marvel at the crazy stuff I see around me, but I don't feel that high that I felt concerning the need to play everything I see.