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reply to Network Guy

Re: It's not just iphone

said by Network Guy:

Yes, I understand that.
What I was trying to say is that his particular phone and mine will fallback to EDGE when this re-farming happens, since our particular phones only do HSPA in 1700 MHz band, not 1900.

I understand what your saying Net guy however from what Ive read even after the re farming of 1900 is complete and they begin on the 1700 band that not all of the 1700 will be re farmed into LTE. 1700 will be dual use (LTE 60-70% & HSPA 30-40%) So those of us with 1700 HSPA only phone will not be thrown back into the dark ages. The difference lies in the max speeds, HSPA phones will top out at 42mbps there will be no upgrade for TMO HSPA to the current max of 84mbps where as LTE phones will be given the green light to run fast and furious.

I too own a TMO phone that only supports HSPA on 1700/2100 so this was a major concern of mine as well. I'm not looking to upgrade unless I really have to.