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Re: [Cable] 2 month daily issue resolved, it's an "upgrade&

Just had the issue looked into, and because it is up now at this moment, which it almost always is at this time of day, there is no problem officially.

I think the tech people assume this is an isolated event. If they looked into my account history they should see in all the years I've been with Teksavvy, I called in maybe once a year (if even that) up until a few months ago. I am not someone who calls in every single time there is a problem. If my connection is down once, twice, or even 10 times a year, I know it's down for everyone else too so it's pointless to call in and waste their and my own time. I do realize this but I know this is NOT that kind of situation.

I am an extremely understanding type of person and it is a rarity I am annoyed to the degree I am now, but it has been 2 months of "everything's fine" now. Then my hope was brought up today with "We'll look into this PM me your details" and it was just the same old response. "Your connection is working now, if you have problems contact us."

This problem started happening in late August I believe. They then they replaced the modem in early or mid September. The reason I have not called in since then up until a week ago is NOT due to the issue not happening, it was due to my giving up on the issue. It is NOT because it wasn't happening anymore. It has been happen literally 5-6 nights in a 7 day week and has been ongoing for a little more than 2 months and ALWAYS happens between 10PM and 3AM and stays down until 7-8AM in the morning.

If I could bet real money on the connection going down every night, I would bet "yes" every single day. Heck the odds are almost 4 times better than betting on red in a game of roulette. But you see, I don't have a problem, because it's working at this moment.

But I don't have a problem, because it's up right now at this moment as is usually the case. Then when it actually is down at the moment I calll, they send in a ticket to Rogers, who then looks at the problem in the morning when it's up and says "everything's fine" and the cycle repeats again and again and again and again. I do have work I have to do on the internet at night and I realize I can't be guaranteed uptime because this is not a business account, but by anyone's defintion of 6-8 hours downtime for usually 6 out of 7 days in a week and the connection always coming back between 7-8AM (and this is not a guess) and the cycle of calls and responses I get from both parties is beyond ridiculous. I wish they would just tell me "We can't solve the problem and we have no idea what is causing this, you might be better off leaving" then we could leave each other amicably.