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Re: [Cable] 2 month daily issue resolved, it's an "upgrade&

YYZ is Toronto, but your problem sounds like you live in Ottawa.

I'm trying a new firmware today. August the internet was unusable for me and my brother. He lives in Westboro 150 meters from the POI and I live near Lincoln Fields.

You are not alone. The upgrades have been a mixed blessing so far. Faster but with outages. I noticed the midnight to 3 am thing as well. It is not bad now though. Upgraded router handles the occasional DHCP hiccup much better than the old one.



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You can be sure of one thing, I'm not going to sit on my rear end for ANOTHER 2 months during this supposed daily 8 hour upgrade that sometimes begins as early as 10PM at night that has been happening for the last 2 months. What a perfect response to me as well that "there is an upgrade going on" so now there is no need to call in anymore when it goes down almost everyday. Perfect. Just sit it out for ANOTHER 2 months or even more. If this is not resolved I will be cancelling all services, I will also tell my dad (and he will) to cancel his service too. My friend was planning to join Teksavvy as well in the next 2 months, he will be going to Acanac it looks like instead.

I will do the test with my father's modem at my home for a while, and proceed from there. But I've truly had it. I realize I was not very polite in these messages, but that's only because I've seen what politeness has gotten me so far.

Edit: Didn't even mention the best part. I was supposed to get a call from a senior tech on Sunday, I gave them the window of 8AM - midnight to make it easier for them. I stayed at home and off the phone all day. No call. No apology when I called the next day.

Was supposed to receive a call sometime this week, I forgot the date now. But the tech person made a mistake and told me the wrong date, when I did get the call the next day, they did apologize though so I didn't mind that very much and didn't make an issue out of it. Heck, I haven't even made an issue out of anything until my first post here this morning.