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San Jose, CA
reply to simsin0

cloning unique identifiers

First of all, it would probably be illegal.

Second, even if you do manage to clone a SIM card, what makes you think that it would be possible for two different devices to connect to the very same network all at once using the exact same identifiers?

Try using the same IP address, or the same MAC address, for multiple devices on your home network at the same time, and see if you get anywhere with such a setup.


San Jose, CA

tethering for a home network

The best approach I can advise is to tether the phone with a router, and then use your devices connected to the router as if it was just a regular internet connection (and you'll obviously run out of your 6GB in no time!).

For example, my buggy ZyXEL NBG4615 can have its "Sys OP Mode" changed from "Router Mode" to something like "WISP + UR Mode".
said by »···ame.html » :
WISP + UR Mode: In this mode, the device acts as both access point and wireless client and also maintains router function. The wireless connection is treated as WAN, while the LAN broadcast as Wi-Fi signals for other wireless client devices to connect to.

Not every router supports these features, though. I think most Netgear routers don't.

Such a setup is especially very convenient if you're travelling with all your portable devices, and, depending on where you are, can either tether them all to an Ethernet port at the place, a public WiFi, or WiFi from your own phone, without changing any settings on your laptops/tablets/settopboxes etc. And should the place require a captive login, only one such login would be required, since your Router will only acquire one IP address from their Public WiFi, and use local addressing on your LAN, doing a NAT between LAN and WAN.